Unreachable Recordings Damon is dead 2003-2008 Ghost Tape

Damon is dead – 2003-2010 (Ghost tape)

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This is actually the first Unreachable Recordings release, from my first band Damon (Damon is dead). I made this tape to thank my friends that came to see my old band play live in the mid 2000’s,  and it contains almost every song we ever recorded or played live.

This is the Ghost Tape version.

The songs

01.Holding on (demo)
02.Unreachable (demo)
03.Hypersophisticated turkey sandwich (demo)
04.Gone away (accoustic)
05.My never-ending story (live)
06.Next time (live)
07.Anti-anthem (live)
08.Lost (live)
09.Inner revolution (live)
10.Une chanson d’échelle (live)
11.Stop the madness (accoustic)

Limited to 5 copies (still available).

A little bit of history about Damon is dead

Damon started out in august 2003 after Dave Boisvert met Kevin Bordeleau in some bar in Shawinigan (Québec). Soon after that, Yannick Jean joined the band on guitar and so did Francis Dallaire on bass. The guys really enjoyed playing music together, and, not so later on, the guys already had a bunch of demo songs and a handful of covers on their sides.

The first show came really fast, much too fast. First time ever on stage for half the band; and it showed, cause it sucked at lot.

But it took a lot more to tear down 4 guys who love music more than everything. So the journey went on and on, show after show, until the guys met Mathieu, soon to become their lead guitarist. The band was now entirely formed. But something wrong was going on. After they did a gig for an Halloween party, Kevin announced to the band that he had to quit, ’cause it wasn’t working anymore, he said. They did one last show together, and they parted ways.

Damon later changed their name to Damon is dead, and played a few shows before calling it quits. The band is on indefinite hiatus since 2010.